Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bondi Chai - Did you know #2?

Hello all you curious Bondi Chai lovers. The time has come again for another fascinating "did you know?" fact about Bondi Chai. Did you know that Bondi Chai is low caffeine? Lots of people want to know if there is caffeine in our Club Cinnamon and Vanilla Honey Bondi Chai latte. Well the short answer is YES - but it is a tiny amount. To be a bit more precise there is approximately 25 micrograms of caffeine per serve when made to our recipe. For those of you who are not food scientists that means about the same as you would find in a cup of green tea; half as much as a normal cup of black tea and about 25% as much as a standard cup of coffee. So if you are looking for something to "perk you up" in the evenings to get you through that big assignment or workload you are barking up the wrong tree. A cup of our yummy chai latte is so "comforting" that you are more likely to fall asleep on your keyboard. If on the other hand you are a "mum-to-be", like this mum-to-be who loves our product - or someone trying to avoid too much caffeine then Bondi Chai latte is the perfect drink for you. So there you go - Bondi Chai "did you know?" fact #2 -Bondi Chai latte is a low caffeine & very yummy mummy beverage.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Win a Bondi Chai prize!

We know you love our Bondi Chai latte Club Cinnamon and Vanilla Honey, but did you know we also have some really groovy Bondi Chai latte glasses. Trust me - it tastes even better in one of these glasses! We are running a great competition at this years' Royal Easter Show in Sydney. All you have to do is buy a pack of Bondi Chai Vanilla Honey or Club Cinnamon and you will get an entry form and the chance to win one of 4 prize packs. Each prize pack includes SIX packs of Bondi Chai latte in the flavour of your choice and SIX of our branded Bondi Chai latte glasses. So come and see us in the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome, grab a free sample of our yummy Bondi Chai latte, buy a take home pack and grab your entry form into our competition. If (or should I say WHEN) you win we will deliver your prize right to your door. If you love our Bondi Chai latte glasses and don't want to wait until you win some you will also be able to buy them at our stand.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thanks Canberra!!

Wow! What a great "weekend" for the Canberra Show. The sun shone and the people came and didn't they just love our Club Cinnamon and Vanilla Honey Bondi Chai latte!! I think the cold chai lattes were nearly as popular as the yummy hot chai lattes. Of course now that you have discovered the amazing flavours of Bondi Chai you will be wondering where to get some.......well you can find us sold by the cup at Deeks cafes (they are even experimenting with including Bondi Chai in some of their bakery lines at their cafe at the Pearce Shopping Centre.) Deeks don't sell our 250g retail packs yet but while you are there ask them if they can get some in for you and you just never know what might happen!