Monday, February 28, 2011

Bondi Chai exported through Mrs Fields Australia

Bondi Chai will be included in Mrs.Fields Australia’s export offer to its global counterparts.

Companies across the world to be using the blends include new Mrs Fields master franchisee’s in China and Pakistan, with other countries expected to join shortly including Indonesia, Russia and Vietnam.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bondi Chai now at Alen's Espresso, Brisbane

We all know that Bondi Chai is the best chai latte in Australia but I have to admit it can be a bit hard to find. So, for all of you Club Cinnamon fans you can now buy your take home pack at Alen's Espresso in Brisbane! And, of course, you can grab a chai latte to enjoy while you are there :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bondi Chai at Madisons, Broadbeach

For all of you living in Broadbeach you can enjoy a yummy Bondi Chai latte at Lovers of Madisons in Broadbeach who were one of our first cafes on the Gold Coast! And of course you will need a slice of one of their AMAZING cakes to go with it :)

Bondi Chai Thankyou

A big THANK YOU to the people of the Gold Coast for all of your support at the Gold Coast Food and Wine Show at the end of January. Stay tuned to this page as we start bringing Bondi Chai to an outlet near you. If you have a favourite Deli or Cafe that you would like to see Bondi Chai sold in let us know :)

Bondi Chai at Alen's Espresso

Sip Bondi Chai at one of the best Cafe's in Australia....Alen's Espresso, 420 George St, Brisbane. Alen Beganovic- you are a star!