Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bondi Chai at Crema Coffee House - 62 Broadmeadow Road

I haven't forgotten the people of NSW - if you live in Newcastle and are a Bondi Chai fan drop in and see the team at Crema Coffee House at 62 Broadmeadow Road - they stock our 250g packs, catering packs and single serves - so much choice!

Bondi Chai at Brunswick Supa IGA - 614 Sydney Road

If you live in Brunswick (Melbourne) then you're in luck because the Brunswick Supa IGA at 614 Sydney Road stock both our 25og packs and our sticks - and they have a tram running straight past the front door and a carpark at the back - very convenient :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bondi Chai at Melbourne Flower Show, Carlton Gardens

If you are heading to the Melbourne Flower Show at the Carlton Gardens next week then you will be pleased to know that Bondi Chai will be available from all the coffee carts, so you can "tip toe through the tulips" while sipping your favourite chai latte:) http://www.melbflowershow.com.au

Bondi Chai at Eco Ivanhoe - Melbourne

If you live near Ivanhoe (Melbourne) and are looking for somewhere to restock your Bondi Chai supplies you should drop in to see Diane and the team at Eco Ivanhoe - they have our single serves and 250g packs.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bondi Chai available at Inhospitality, Shepparton

If you live in Shepparton and you love all those kitchen nic nacs and gadgets then you should visit Inhospitality - they have everything you could possibly need for your kitchen (and even a few bits that you don't know you need until you see them!), and of course they have Bondi Chai (our 1kg catering packs and 250g packs) and even though they are a wholesaler they are open to the public :)

Bondi Chai winner at Better Homes and Gardens LIVE in Melbourne

Congratulations to Karen from Carey Park, WA who was the winner of the Better Homes and Gardens LIVE Bondi Chai competition. She WON herself 100 serves of Bondi Chai - I hope they bring you 100 days of bliss :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bondi Chai at the Better Homes & Gardens LIVE show in Melbourne

A BIG thankyou to all the people of Melbourne that braved the heat (35-38 degrees all weekend) to visit the Better Homes and Gardens LIVE show at the Royal Exhibition Buildings - especially the 5,500 people who tried a steamy HOT Bondi Chai latte in a building that has no air-conditioning!! Probably would have been more suitable if we had been sampling the Chai Frappe :)

Bondi Chai at The Foodshed, Wangaratta

Still travelling the highway between Melbourne and Sydney and dropped in to see Rob and Jill at the Foodshed in Wangaratta. New owners of the business last year they are putting their own "special touches" on the business - but the best news is that they are happy to sell to the public now (not just businesses) so why not drop in and check out all their lovely gourmet foods (and Bondi Chai of course).