Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bondi Chai says "G'day Sawtell"

Happy New Year to all the Bondi Chai latte drinkers out there!! This month we are saying G'day to Sawtell. We have it on good authority that Shimmer's Caffe Restaurant in Sawtell is a great place to grab a cup of our delicious Bondi Chai. So if you are not a local of Sawtell but are looking for a day out - why not do a bit of a Bondi Chai pilgrimage to Shimmer's Caffe Restaurant at 18 First Street, Sawtell (just South of Coffs Harbour for those not in the know). If it is a long hot drive to get there don't worry - they also do a fantastic Bondi Chai on ice - ah! I can taste it now!

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