Monday, February 2, 2009

Bondi Chai - did you know..........?

Good morning Bondi Chai drinkers. A friend of mine has a real thirst for trivia (or very interesting information he might say) and can often be heard to exclaim "Did you know..." followed by all sorts of weird and wonderful ponderings - many of which have no relevance to anything useful. This has inspired me to start the "Bondi Chai - did you know.......?" listings on our blog. So every now and then when the feeling grabs me I will share with you a snippet of information about Bondi Chai of which you may ior may not be aware. So here is the first one......

BONDI CHAI LATTE is NOT coffee! Now I know that all you chai addicts out there who just can't get enough of our Club Cinnamon and Vanilla Honey Bondi Chai latte will think I am taking the p***. But if I had a dollar for every person who visits the Bondi Chai latte stand at the many food shows and events we have been to I would not be sitting here now typing this - I would be relaxing with a champagne while some bronzed bloke massaged my toes! Latte automatically flashes up images of hot milky coffee to many out there but as you and I know - latte means milk - so cafe latte is coffee but Chai latte is milk tea. So there you have it - useful Bondi Chai latte fact No. 1 - chai latte is TEA, not COFFEE :)

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